Additional tutorial resource question

Would Eugene Dakin’s book, “Begin Programming with Real Studio in Windows” be considered a good/relevant resource as an additional tutorial for beginning Xojo programming?

Hi Joseph,

In my humble opinion, the short answer is maybe. The IDE has changed significantly between Real Studio and Xojo and it may be difficult to manually create some of the examples as the buttons have changed positions or look different. The “Begin Programming with Real Studio in Windows” book introduces the basics of programming, and the Table of Contents and Index can be downloaded to browse at Table of Contents .

The last time I checked the examples worked in both Xojo and Real Studio, but there may have been changes to the new and improved Xojo IDE, which would make a few of the examples possibly not work.

There are many good user guides (4 books) which are online at the Xojo Language Reference Page. Xojo Language Reference Page. There is also an upgrade guide from Real Studio to Xojo which can be downloaded on the same page.

Xojo has a book called “Introduction to Programming with Xojo” which has 361 pages and can also be downloaded from the above link.

I believe that the book is a good resource, although it is getting outdated (I should really make one for Xojo) :slight_smile:

Just my $0.02.

Thanks Eugene… got plenty of reading material to glean through now. I never considered going through the reference material as a tutorial source. Guess I was hung up on the “reference” name. If you update your current book for Xojo, you’re guaranteed a purchase from me :slight_smile: