Additional Events and Methods for iOSScrollableArea

Hi All,

I wondered if someone can help me add some additional functionality to a iOSScrollableArea … assuming of course it is possible!

I would like to be able to scroll the area to a position - top, bottom would be a good start, absolute position even better.

I would like to know when the user has scrolled it, if possible when it has hit scrolling bounds top bottom etc.

I assume it can be done with declares, I have seen the lovely set of Declares for UIScrollView in the Xojo examples which has just about every function I need but I have no idea how to do this in a iOSScrollableArea.

If anyone can help it would be amazing!


OK so I have worked out how to scroll the iOSScrollableArea to a certain position and set all the properties such as ‘bounces’, ‘clipsToBounds’ using declares.

It would be nice to implement the events - I’ll keep working on it …

This can only be done via the delegate - UIScrollView does not use notifications like many other controls do. This means you’d either have to use a custom delegate (which could break the behavior implemented by the engineers) or you subclass Xojo’s scrollview delegate and forward the methods to the super class. Let me know if you need help with that.