Adding "xojo." namespace causes compile errors

This code compiles:

  Dim msg as string
  Dim privateKey As String
  Dim signature As MemoryBlock = Crypto.RSASign( msg, privateKey )

But this code doesn’t:

  Dim msg as string
  Dim privateKey As String
  Dim signature As MemoryBlock = Xojo.Crypto.RSASign( msg, privateKey )

With error:

"Expected xojo.Core.MemoryBlock,xojo.Core.MemoryBlock but these arguments are String,String.

Why does adding “Xojo.” to the namespace cause the error???

Because they are different functions, and that one expects new framework MemoryBlocks for its parameters.

Because the one using Xojo. is the new framework Xojo.Crypto.RSASign
The other without it the old framework Crypto.RSASign

And they take different types of parameters

The Language Reference I’m looking at doesn’t have Xojo.Crypto.

Searching for “crypto” in the Language Reference, there’s absolutely no mention of the fact that there we have both a “Crypto” and a “Xojo.Crypto” - any thoughts to how this could be made a bit more explicit?

Look at the badly-named iOS Documentation.

Just to be clear: I open 2015 R2.2, click “Language Reference” from the Help menu, search for “xojo.crypto” and I find only a single match to the “Changes 2015R2” release notes, but no match for the Xojo.Crypto page that Norman linked above.

Is this a case of the local LR being out of date or out of sync? I thought the LR would do some sort of magical sync?

(And In Xojo/Preferences, I have “When seeking help: go online for most recent documentation” selected). Hmm.

Now pull down the Help menu and look at the iOS Language Reference. That’s where all the new framework stuff is documented.

Well, that’s well hidden!

Even then, when I get to the IOS LR home page, searching for “crypto” in the Search bar on the top of the window gives me nothing.
However I see there’s a second search bar on the right below the “XOJO” header, and if I search there, I do find Xojo.Crypto.

I’m not the first to point out that this makes no sense, am I?

Probably not, but the LR is in transition right now, as far as I know.

The whole framework is in a state of transition.