Adding the Plugin DynaPDF

Hi I have xojo-web ,
I just downloaded the xojo plugins and put them inside the plugin folder, but nothing happens.
I copied and pasted on of the simplest examples and I get errors as if the plugin was not present
How do I make the blue cube of this plugin appear in the IDE ?

Did you quit and restart Xojo after installing the plugins?

yes, but nothing happens

Which version of the IDE?
32/64 bit?

What’s in your plugins folder?

MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin.xojo_plugin file with about 30 MB in size?

Which plugin version?

Ide 2018r3
Windows 64bit
Ij the foldere there are the plugin files including the ones i just downloaded from monkeybread

So plugin doesn’t show in About box?

Could you move everything out of the Plugins folder exception our MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin.xojo_plugin file?

This is a 18.5 plugin?

Yes they show now in the help section
I had to manually create the class and manually add the “references” to the Dyna plugin
I didnt have time to test it but it seems OK now - thanks anyways for your prompt replies