Adding Textfields that have $ and commas in them

I have some textfields that are part of a control set that I want to add up the data in them.
I have dragged data into them so now they have $ and commas in them.
XOJO does not inherently add them because it gets confused by the $ and , (comma)

Is there a good way to get around this to add them?

See currency.tostring .fromstring
Maybe subclass this textbox.

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I should have been clearer. They are dragged as text with the “$” and “,”'s.

Is there a way to get them to a form to add them simply?
Converting them to double won’t get rid of the “$” and “,”'s to let them add.

Txt = txt.replace("$", "").replaceall(",", "")

From a Norman’s mind sprang forth:

suppose you have 5 text fields - 4 with data and 1 to hold the total
this code will take those text fields and add them up

Var locale As Locale = Locale.Current

Dim c1,c2, c3, c4, c5 As Currency

c1 = Currency.FromString(TextField1.Text,locale)
c2 = Currency.FromString(TextField2.Text,locale)
c3 = Currency.FromString(TextField3.Text,locale)
c4 = Currency.FromString(TextField4.Text,locale)

c5 = c1 + c2 + c3 + c4

TextField5.Text = c5.ToString(locale)

Note - the LOCALE is NOT optional as Xojo’s docs state

The Locale is optional if the string has only numbers and decimal point (“1123.45”), the locale is required if the number has local formatting ("$1,123.45",“1.123,45€”).

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It’ not just “required”
A Xojo app crashes without one :slight_smile:
Thats really not helpful

Sub Open()
  Var locale As Locale = Locale.Current
  Dim c1,c2, c3, c4, c5 As Currency
    c1 = Currency.FromString("123.45")
    c2 = Currency.FromString("$123.45")
    c3 = Currency.FromString("$123.45",locale)
  Catch e As runtimeexception
  End Try
End Sub
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yes, that’s another problem, Xojo should not crash if the locale is required and we don’t provide one.

This works:

Var c As Currency
c = Currency.FromString("123.45")

This works:

Var c As Currency
c = Currency.FromString("$123.45", locale.current)

This gives me an exception:

Var c As Currency
c = Currency.FromString("€123,45", locale.current)

This crashes Xojo:

Var c As Currency
c = Currency.FromString("$123,45")

and it shows this message:

Edit: it looks like the error is not a RunTimeException but a Xojo.Core.BadDataException, you can catch it with:

Var c As Currency
  c = Currency.FromString("$123.45")
Catch e As Xojo.Core.BadDataException
End Try

Thanks for all the help - many different approaches to the same issue.

I stumbled across this and it worked. Yes you do have to use “locale”.

Var cellValue As String
Var locale As New Locale(“en-US”)
Var value As Currency

for ii = 0 to 6
if SecMoAmt(ii).text <> “” then
cellvalue = SecMoAmt(ii).text
value = Currency.FromString(cellValue,locale)
value = 0
end if
gpr = value + gpr
DepCareTotal.text = str(gpr)