Adding text to listbox cell via bevel button

I have a bevelbutton with a list of words that I had to a column in a listbox. I can either add it a single cell or set of selected cells. If one row and actually one cell is selected, then it is in editcell mode. If so I apparently cannot add text. If another cell is selected, I can add to it.
I found a mention of setting


but this only turns the brightness for the editcell down or not bright.
The code I use to normally add text is

AddCardList.Cell(iSel, 5) = strg


In your code, if you can tell that a cell is selected, then you must also update ActiveCell.Text

if CurrentlyEditingCell then
   AddCardList.Cell(isel, 5) = strg
   AddCardList.ActiveCell.Text = strg
end if

Thanks. I didn’t know there were two pieces

When you edit a cell, you are really editing a TextField that Xojo places over the cell.

I know. It’s jsut confusing with the several options

Unless it is somehow related to seltext problem in TextField - macOS - Xojo Programming Forum
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