Adding Line Breaks in an EditField

I’m bringing XML into an EditField. HTML tags aren’t rendered correctly, so < br />

tags write as

<br />

and not line breaks.

Is there a way to replace < br /> tags with line breaks in an EditField? I attempted:

result=ReplaceAll(articleText,"<br />"," \n")

but that just left me with \n in the EditField.

result=ReplaceAll(articleText,"<br />",EndOfline)

Worked like a charm!

There is no more EditField nowadays, TextField or TextArea only…

Are-you using REALbasic or Real Studio ?

I have been using the product for so long that did not even register consciously! How long ago did that change now?


Oops, TextField! I remember REALbasic though!

Since Xojo, 2013 ?