Adding events to controls

Terry, a quick look at the Feedback system would enable you to answer your own question. You will find that more than a few Feedback cases have been initiated by Xojo’s engineers themselves. After all, they are Xojo users too!

It is so everything is in one place. Something mentioned in a forum post is not necessarily going to be remembered when an engineer looks at a Feedback case days or weeks later. It also allows the entire team to know about it. Not everyone sees every forum post.

Actually it turns out that the top bug reporter is an engineer - me :slight_smile:

This happens to me All of the Time also, I am OS X 10.9

I had the problem for the first time last week. The problem with random bugs is that they tend to appear when they are most inconvenient…

The engineer you spoke to on the forum isn’t necessarily the engineer that will be assigned to fix the problem. Therefore “throw it on the pile” is the best possible response. A bug report by the user who experienced it will be vastly better than an engineer saying, “somebody on the forum said such and such, it sounds like a bug to me.”