Adding Events give different results on two controls

Bug or am I seeing something wrong?

I added the Contextual Menu events to two listboxes. For the first, I get the two events listed normally. For the second, one of the events has it’s full signature / argument list exposed in the Navigator pane. A picture’s worth 1,000 words, so:

I’ve never seen this before.

OS X 10.10.4, Xojo 15r2.4.

I’ve seen it happen. It seems like when you first add the event it shows the full signature. Then once you add something else or save/reopen the project, those all go away.

its a refresh bug
its the same event with the same signature

It’s a bug. Work-around (as for many other issues with the navigator regarding refreshing): collapse and expand the node.

I just duplicated it. It seems that it is more prone to happen if you select multiple events in one “Add to” selection. Adding them one at a time does not show the arguments list ever.

This is one of those “who cares” bugs…

I do. But I think I’m close to the state of transition to “I don’t care anymore”. But still, somehow it is slightly ridiculous that after two years the navigator is still so full of design errors and bugs.

Two main rules of programming:

1.) Every computer program has at least one bug.
2.) Every computer program could be re-written to use one less line of code.

Therefore it follows that the ideal program would have one line of code and a bug! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but once you remove that last line of code, the bug goes away, too.