Adding Event Handlers to multiple controls

Is there any way to add an Event Handler to multiple “like” contols at the same time? I have a Windows Form with 32 push button controls and each one needs several Event Handlers. Surely I can add them to all “like” controls without having to right-click each one individually and select “Add Event Handler”. I can’t believe the “improved” IDE would leave out such a useful function.

Double click a control without events and the Add Event window opens right up, no need to navigate a menu. But yes, I think you’ll have to do that for every control. Maybe you can group the buttons in a control set(s).

Have you tried this (I think this should work, but I’m not certain).
Create 1 button and add the wanted Event Handlers.
Copy that button 31 times and you should have 32 buttons with Event Handlers defined.

The Navigator allows you to multi-select items. Simply select the multiple controls in the Navigator and then use the “Add” toolbar button to select Event Handler. Then you can add one or more event handlers to one or more controls.

You can also copy and paste over events from controls (even if they’re blank!)