Adding dropdown menu in ribbon control.

I tried to follow to implement this in my application. I have reached a level as shown in the figure. {Link]
As a next move i need to add dropdown menu as ribbons in a section of the ribbon tab. I couldnt find enough resources to implement this. Can some one guide me in this regard.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t think Jeremies Ribbon Product is intended to give you step by step directions. At the bottom, you can clearly see a Purchase button. Looks like this is an XoJo plugin of some sort. If you purchased this already, then Jeremie would be the best one to guide you to the next step.

The two tutorial video links on the same page probably demonstrate it’s usage, but neither of those links work anymore.

This review of Jrmie Leroy’s Ribbon Control, does have some code that might be useful.

Keep in mind that he’s making reference to this within the realm of Real Basic. And the review is from 2013. So… if you do decide to purchase a Ribbon Control, there are probably more current offerings.

Weki, in Xojo’s terminology, a dropdown menu is called a PopupMenu :slight_smile:

Just drag one from the library onto your window and you should be fine.

@paul townsend Thanks for your inputs… will try to purchase and follow it.

@Michel Bujardet . Yes It works with drag and drop. Just dropping by dragging does not make it have control with ribbon tabs
But I need it in ribbon tabs

Since most of Jeremie Leroy’s controls are based on Canvas, you should be able to drop the popupmenu over it. When the popupmenu is child of the canvas, the canvas should get a red outline.

At any rate, since I don’t work with that control, I can only suggest you get in touch with Jeremie.