Adding data to NSDraggingItemMBS

I want to add a nice retina image to my drag items. But how do I convert my old code to NSDraggingItemMBS?

At the moment I have

Dim theDragItem As DragItem theDragItem = New DragItem(Self.TrueWindow, OffsetX, OffsetY, finalDragPicture.Width, finalDragPicture.Height) theDragItem.FolderItem = theAttachments(0) for currentRecid as Integer = 1 to UBound(theAttachments) theDragItem.AddItem(x, y, finalDragPicture.Width, finalDragPicture.Height) theDragItem.FolderItem = theAttachments(currentRecid) next theDragItem.DragPicture = finalDragPicture theDragItem.Drag If theDragItem.Destination <> Nil Then for currentRecid as Integer = 0 to UBound(theAttachments) theAttachments(currentRecid).reallyDelete next End If

for dragging files to the desktop. Or here I drag some data around:

dim theDrag as DragItem = new DragItem(self.TrueWindow, Parent.Left + x - DragPicture.Width/2, me.Top + y - DragPicture.Height/2, DragPicture.Width, DragPicture.Height) theDrag.RawData("MAXX") = DragRecIDs theDrag.DragPicture = DragPicture theDrag.Drag

Latest Xojo, Yosemite, MBS plugins from 27.10.14.

The “Custom NSViewControl Drag.rbp” project in current MBS prerelease plugins should show that.
By using NSImageMBS with high res image, we can add high res image icon.

Okay, I’ll have a look.