Adding an icon to a weblistbox

Hello all!
FIrst of all, the new Xojo seems very nice!
So, here my question: is there a way to add an icon to a cell in a weblistbox?

Many thanks!

Nope, not natively. But take a look at Web Custom Controls, that would enable you to do that and many other things.
I don’t know if it’s working in Xojo but I would think it does :slight_smile:
Web Custom Controls

Yep. The Web Custom Controls works well. I was scrambling for that, found it, and it worked very nicely!

Very interesting… I’ll take a look into this! Many thanks!

We needed a lot of controls in our lists (checkboxes, popups, etc) and the only way to do that now is to create a WebContainer list that contains ‘rows’ of WebContainers (with the controls). They work fantastically well since the WebContainer list has the built in scrollbar and scrolling ability.