Adding an Event Handler to a Button inside PagePanel: Impossible

Why can I not add an event handler to controls I place inside a PagePanel control? I can’t even add an event handler by right clicking on the control in the navigator.

Is this because PagePanels are primarily meant for container controls?

So you have a PAGEPANEL… and on one of the pages you have placed a control, a button I am assuming for now…

and you say you CANNOT click the little [+] button and select EVENT HANDLER?

I find that very strange, as I have never found a situation where that failed to work…

If this is NOT what you are attempting… please provide more information

I’ve noticed sometimes I can’t add an event to a control and for some reason it thinks I’m trying to add an event to the window or page. I have to restart xojo and open it again and doing that seems to clear the fault.

I’ve also had this happen using Windows 7. I can usually click on some of the other objects in the project and then go back to where I want to add the event and proceed. I’ve had it happen with different types of controls… buttons, listbox, etc.