Adding a table to the web app

Hi, guys,

I am curious how to add a table to a web app.

Any guidance is very appreciated.

Thank you,


Do you mean a ListBox? If so, just drag it from the Library onto your WebPage and then use the AddRow method to add data to it.

Thank you, Paul,

I totally forgot about this functionality of the ListBox. Thank you again.

I have created a ListBox, and I want to change the style of just one cell in the list.

I’ve used this code

ListBox1(2, 2).CellStyle=AbnormalValue

The abnormal value is defined in the WebStyle as red bold font.

Apparently, I’ve done something wrong with applying the style to the cell. Can you help?

Thank you,


Hi, I Just found my mistake.

The correct code is

ListBox1.CellStyle(2, 2)=AbnormalValue