Adding a property to a custom control

I have a custom control class called myTextField and wanted to add a property mText to hold the contents of theText Field as Text rather than as a String called Text. That simply to avoid the nonsense of typing

aTextVariable = myTextFieldInstance.Text.ToText

over and over again.

I first tried to put the event code and the public property in the class, but this gives me compile errors “Type myTextField has no member named mText”. So I deleted the event code and the property from the class and tried again with the instance array mytf(). I can enter the event code OK but when I try to add a property to the instance by selecting it and typing Control-Shift-P, a property appears but it appears at the bottom of the list of all the control on the container. In other words it seems to be added to the container and not to the instance.

What am I misunderstanding here?

Tried it again in the class and it worked. I can only think I made a mistake with the property name (maybe I keyed in myText instead of mText).