Adding a new database to the project (can't connect)

I’ve been using a mysql community server database for a long time now.
I tried creating a new project today and decided to add the database into the project with the Insert / Database / MySQL community server…
A dialog box popped up and I populated it just as I would have populated the MySQLCommunityServer plugin properties.
However the connection failed. I don’t know why.

For what it’s worth, we don’t use the built-in Database Editor. It’s not very good for a lot of reasons so we do everything via code and use 3rd party utilities for creating, modifying, and exploring databases.

My recommendation is to learn how to do everything with the database connection via code. You’ll probably get a better understanding of how to do it and get better error messages along the way.

Indeed I have been doing everything raw in code.
I learned a lot from you too.
I now make a class for each table and each column is a computed property of the class.
However the object was there begging me to try it and I did and it doesn’t work, so…