Adding a carriage return to an iOS text field

I’m trying to add a carriage return to an iOS TextField.Text so that I can append another text to the next line. I can’t seem to figure this out. Normally, I would have used Char(13) on strings, or EndOfLine.OS, but can’t seem to figure out how to do it in iOS. Can someone help me?

Well I don’t to “Xojo of iOS”, but assuming it uses the EndofLine function… I would suspect it would be Chr(10) not 13
or you might try using "
" if it follows the “unix” protocol (which FYI, Swift and ObjC do)

On iOS it is “&u0A” (unicode code point in hex 0A = decimal 10)

I don’t think iOSTextField supports carriage returns, however iOSTextArea does.

iOSTextArea.text = iOSTextArea.text + &u0A //adds a carriage return to the text

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is that not functionaly the same as CHR(10)???

CHR function doesn’t exist in Xojo ios framework.

lol… why does that not surprise me

I use Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(10)