adding 3rd party controls to xojo

I’m struggling a little with some OOP issues. Tell me how (or where to find documentation) to add a control built by a 3rd party. I have purchased some add ons but I guess I just don’t know enough to make them all work. I am especially interested in using MonkeyBread Plugins and CalendarView from Jeremie Leroy. But with the CalendarView, it seems to be a complete standalone project. How do I add it to my application?

by the way, I have registered for Xojo Developer Conference, so hopefully I won’t be depending on you guys quite so much in the future.

thanks for all the help.

I have not used his CalendarView however I’m going to assume you just copy the necessary classes from his example project to yours.

usually when you get a complete project its either complete source code you need to copy from the original project into yours