AddHandler - problems

RuntimeInstallInstanceEventHandler - Sactioned by Joe back then and promised to always work. (And it does still work in Desktop)

Was so we could use Xojo objects in plugins. (Such as Timer for example)

Now…I just found out that RuntimeInstallInstanceEventHandler does not exist at all in Console Applications, and probably never did.

So how can I use the Xojo timer in Console Application ? Since I cant see any way to subscribe the event.

Maybe one more time, why has AddHandler not been added to the Plugin SDK ?


I use REALRegisterBackgroundTask for timers.
Why do you need a normal timer instead?

I only use it to get safe entry context into the Xojo threading from Native thread.

I guess the background task might be safe for that I will have to test.

Other possible way would be to subclass the timer (but that would create stupid object with little obvious purpose for the users).

I will test the REALRegisterBackgroundTask , thanks Christian.

To Xojo then the request for AddHandler still stands. Its utterly stupid that we are supposed to use as much as we can from Xojo to keep plugins working and we cannot subscribe to events of Xojo objects. (without the unofficial way sanctioned by Joe at the time)

I’ve added a case for it <>

Thank you William, I appreciate it.

and it’s implemented already.

We would appreciate to get a copy of the SDK and a Xojo built with that feature to test it soon.