AddControl to TableCell

Now I wonder… it has been done before. But not in Xojo, I think.

Can I add a control to a iOSTableCellData? I mean a control as you can find on the Alarm tab of the iOS Clock app.
On the right you see iosSwitches. Yet, I have no clue how to add them to a cell.

I figure I have to get some kind of ViewControl handle of some sort. And do some magic with that.

Does anyone have an idea?

Not with the current Xojo version. I know customCells is on the todo list for Xojo Inc.

I think the iOSlib can do this (not sure though). Check out

Hi Jean-Paul, if i follow the link for more info, there are only dtPlugins for Desktop not for iOS.
Did i oversee something?

OK , thanks, i’ll check this out.