Add Xanadu to my web project

Good morning everyone,

I’ve been trying to understand how Xanadu works but I can’t add it to my web project. I followed the first steps but the project which is in the Xanadu folder is made for the Xanadu database, not mine. So as to work in mine I have to change lots of things. I think it would be easier if anyone could tell me how to add this library to my web project in order to display its view items so I could use them.

Thank you.

If you start Xanadu you will see a software break exactly where you can fill in the information you need for using your own database.

For compiling without problems you have to install the necessary plugins from MBS.

Very helpful for adjusting the project are the videos of campsoftware:

Thanks for your reply, but like I said I followed the first steps and I filled the data to connect to my database in the break section and that goes well. Besides that I put the plugins from MBS in the Xojo plugins folder. However the example project uses tables which aren’t in my database and so it throws up database exception. That’s why I’d like to add the library to my project in order to set it in my way. Is that possible or I have to adapt the Xanadu example project?

Hi Roberto,

I added some info on how to set up Xanadu here:

Included in the download is a sql dump file. If you create a new database and load the dump file you can get it running to examine how Xanadu works. Then bring over or disable the Xanadu functionality that you prefer. My guess is that the Settings and User Tables are the ones that you might need to bring over to your database.

I hope that helps!