Add Windows Icon back

So in a Windows 64 bit app the icon gets lost and you get the ugly generic application icon in Windows. How do I add the icon back in. I tried following the steps here:

But when I open the application with Resource Hacker, there’s no icon folder. Just a manifest with XML in it.

So what is the preferred way to do this?

This works. However, it does not actually add the icon back so that it shows properly in Windows explorer. Sure, you can add icons to all the shortcuts in your Installer build. But I’m talking about actually adding the icon properly to the .exe file itself…

I don’t think it is possible, since the Windows executable simply does not contain any resource at the moment.

Ah. So that’s why ResourceHacker couldn’t find anything. OK.

I don’t know the architecture of a Windows 64 bit executable but it doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal…But what do I know…


I have the same problem. In 32bit Windoz, no problem. 64bit, looks ugly and incomplete… I’ve tried seemingly everything recommended, but nothing fixes it. I would love to find a solution!

It was a significant change to the file format. Be patient, they’ll get it all done eventually.

Windows apps should never be distributed as files anyway, let alone because they come with a couple folders. Packaged in an installer, using Paul’s workaround, they nicely show icons where they should be.

I am convinced Windows 64 executables will eventually get all bells and whistles. If anything, I would like access to the manifest, and I kind of remember reading Joe saying it was in the stars.