Add Transparent Image Padding

I need a way to add transparent padding to Images and put the original image in the center of the padding. I can add the padding and the picture but not sure how to add it as transparent padding.

I have the MBS Xojo Plug-ins if that makes things easier.

Untested but wouldn’t this work, or are you talking about a different kind of transparency?

[code]dim srcPic As Picture = theOriginalUnpaddedPicture
dim padding As integer = 40

dim paddedPic As new Picture(srcPic.Width+padding2, srcPic.Height+padding2)
paddedPic.DrawPicture(srcPic, padding, padding)

//paddedPic now has a transparent area around[/code]

I am using basically the same code in my app but I get a white border around the image.

[code]Dim out As New Picture(w,h)

out.Graphics.DrawPicture(pic, (w - pic.Width)/2, (h - pic.Height)/2)

Return out[/code]

w and h are integers that specify the new image size and pic is the source pic.

I don’t know. Just tried it and get transparency.

Is this Mac, Windows…?

How do you know it’s white? I mean is it from saving the picture out, drawing it in a Canvas, looking in the debugger? Maybe the Canvas’ Transparent property is off, that’ll fill it white.

If on windows turn on GDI + and declare the picture sithout color depth to make it transparent.

I am using a Mac. It is drawing the picture on the Canvas with the padding as White… Looking in the debugger it is also white where as yours is black.

The Canvas’s Transparency is On.

Could it be because an image is drawn underneath the padded picture in the same canvas?

Found the problem.

The 3rd party class I was using was adding the color depth to the images that passed through it. Once I removed them, it worked great.

Thanks for the help and patience.