Add to Calendar Button

I would like to create a button in my application that will allow the user to create a calendar entry in their system of choice (create an .ics file). I’ve looked at Javascript methods (couldn’t get them to work) as well as looking at an example in PHP for inspiration. I’m creatively at the end of my ropes on this one. Does anyone have a solutions that they can suggest?


PHP inspired:

ICS is probably the way to go and I know I’ve got a class around here somewhere to do this. Lemme see if I can find it.

That would be great…Thank you Greg!

To make it accessible to everyone I’ve uploaded my example to GitHub:

This is a minimal implementation of iCal. Just enough to allow you to make a calendar with events on it. As noted in the project, if you maintain the event UIDs, you’ll be able to change the event dates later.

Thank you for sharing this Greg…