Add SMTPSecureSocket to project

I’ve been searching for an hour, but can’t figure how to add a SMTPSecureSocket. There’s lots of documentation on how to use it, but I’m missing the first step! It’s already there in the email example file, and it won’t copy and paste from there, and it’s not in the library.

Why can’t you use copy-and-paste?

Drag a socket to the window and change the super to SMPTSecureSocket.

He’s right, sometimes when I try to copy object (button, socket, Thread, etc.) from a sourceproject to another it doesn’t work, and I don’t know why. I have to select an object, unselect it, and paste again. Sometimes I have to copy again too.
I never feel a bug report as I don’t know exactly how to reproduce the problem.

Copy-and-paste of controls is special. The control that you want to copy needs to be in blue and the window where you want to paste the window also needs to be in blue.

After clicking on the control in the window it’s background in the Navigator is grey:

Now click on it in the Navigator and the background turns blue to show that the control itself now has the focus:

You can copy the blue control. Select the window in a project but make sure that the window is blue, too, and you can paste. And yes, it’s obnoxious.


I wrote it doesn’t work, and I wanted to write sometimes it doesn’t work .
But effectively, I did some try checking the control to copy and the window to paste were blue and it works much better. Thank you Beatrix. :smiley:

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Thanks Beatrix, I still had trouble because I had clicked on the Control header in the receiving window, and Paste was greyed out. I reread your instructions, and the Paste did work when the Window itself was highlighted in Blue.