Add pdf printing to desktop Windows app

Is there a free (or not too expensive) way to add pdf support to a desktop application?
At present my customers are adding a free pdf print driver from Dopdf but it would be great to be able to print to pdf file straight from the Windows application like they can with the Mac version.

How do they print a PDF from the Mac ?
I assume that too is “Print to PDF” which adding a PDF printer to Windows is the equivalent of
Its just Windows doesn’t include such a thing by default

I write mine using fpdf. see

you could use our DynaPDF plugin to directly make PDFs.

Or wkhtmltopdf to convert an HTML dokument to PDF :slight_smile:
Generate an HTML page and convert it. Might not work in your case though.

Contrary to Mac, Windows does not have native PDF support until Windows 10. But even in Windows 10, printing PDF is not so simple. One has to load the PDF in the Edge browser and print from it.

DoPDF is a nice solution since you are sure of how to address it. Otherwise you will never know if Acrobat Reader is installed, which version it is and so on.

We use both DynaPDF and wkhtmltopdf. The former’s great when you’re doing simple stuff; it can do complicated stuff too, but I got a bit bogged down in positioning and so on. wkhtmltopdf converts HTML to PDF, and works on Mac and Windows; you can package the executable with your app and then call it from a shell.

If the needs are simple, there is also a free version of Debenu that can be used. I believe that there are versions for all currently supported Xojo targets. The free version is limited in what it can do, but for simple reports it may be enough.