Add page Controls Dynamically?

Hey All,

I admit I am totally out of my depth. This is my first OO language and web app and I’m trying to learn as I go.

I asked that wrong: Is there a guide or resource that explains how to do this? perhaps a UI/UX book for xojo?

So I’m working on a fitness application that generates routines. The short and sweet of it, when someone goes to generate a routine, I’m trying to write my webpage such that the particulars of how the workout page should be set up (Name of exercises, sets, repetitions, etc) are set with the request for the exercise page. Given that things like sets and reps will change, I would like to be able to change the number of labels and input fields accordingly while still being able to send the values in, say, a text input field back to the database when the user is done exercising. So as noob I ask, Is there a way to dynamically add controls to a page?

Use ab Webcontainer for that, it is really easy.