Add-on AppGameKit game engine


I use the AppGameKit game engine quite a lot. It’s a 2D/3D game engine which can be used to write a Basic style dialect or C++ games.
Now I’m just testing some things and would like to “embed” the AGK window in Xojo as control. There should be no communication between the 2, because that can be handled with sockets.

I tested it with render to image, writing to a RAMDisk, and while AGK managed to get somewhere around 100fps writing the files, Xojo only handled about 10-15 fps reading the files from a RAMDisk and showing them in an ImageWell.

Someone wrote a AGK Wrapper for .Net in the past ( but it’s not maintained and it’s not for Xojo, so…

Can anyone tell me if this would be possible? And how many work hours this would take/pricetag this would have?

Any input from Add-on developers is very helpful.

At this time I mainly focus on OSX.

Why ImageWell? I would think performance from a Canvas would be better and much more under your control.

Performance on a Canvas is marginally slower than ImageWell.
I made a follow up topic about the poor performance:

See other thread. I think you’re doing it wrong (at least for Xojo).

As I understand it, AGK can compile to an HTML5 runtime. Why not do that and embed it in an HTMLView? This has the added benefit of being cross-platform without any code changes.