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I have an app I designed for iPad
As released, it has an iPad layout only.

I have some enquiries about iPhone - people think current iPhones are big enough to handle a productivity app.

I open the project, and tell the app that the default iPhone layout is the current iPad layout (it should resize…)
But when I run in debug, I just get a grey screen after the splash screen goes away.

Has anyone added iPhone target after the event, can explain why it doesnt work ?

I actually never tried using the same layout for both iPhone and iPad. It might not work because of an iOS limitation.

Easy workaround:

  • Toolbar > Insert > Layout
    Call it iPhoneScreen
    Make it identical to what you use in iPadScreen
  • App > Inspector > Default iPhone layout > Select iPhoneScreen
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The most likely scenario is that the layout you have defined is unresolvable with the constraints you have in place. Xojo defaults to having all constraints marked as “required” which means that if all of them can’t be used, none of them will. If you’re running in a simulator or on a device connected by USB, you should be able to see errors about this in the Console.


Hmmm… I may have spotted the issue… can iPhones NOT handle Split View (Master/detail arrangement) ?


Sigh. The big issue for taking an iPad app to Android too.
Wish I hadnt used Split view.

Are you using splitView to display side by side two sets of information?

If the master view (on the left) is just a list, the common layout on iPhone would be first displaying the list, then displaying the detail view after a tap in the list.

Same as what I did in iOSDesignExtensions
Jun-27-2023 15-48-09

Jun-27-2023 15-49-26

It’s more of a command centre.
3 tab-swappable containers on the left with different functions,
to manipulate 2 or 3 screens on the right.

One tab has a list of items , one tab is for import/export, one is for preferences.
On the right, a design screen, a help displayer screen, and a utility screen.

Wholesale rethink required I suspect, if I am ever to consider Android.
(I’m too mentally attached to desktop, I suspect.
I like menus, I like being able to right click for options.)

Menus are possible starting with iOS14. It requires iOSKit