Add localized strings to web controls


in my desktop apps i was used to translate my controls with constants (localized strings).

This works for web apps within the code e.g. in a MessageBox, but it seams not to work for controls. I try to set the caption of a control with #App.k_something in the inspector but the web app does not choose the correct language which i set in the localized string.

Does this feature exists in web apps?


Where are you setting your localization? Please try:

Session.LanguageCode = "de-DE"

This will overrule any non-“de-DE” proposals your browser may have in mind. Of course if you are running in a “de-DE” environment and you want to simulate an US env, you have to change he LanguageCode respectively.

Thanks Jeannot, but how does this solve my problem to set localized captions on my controls?


Well, w/o code or a sample project I don’t how you are doing it and I run into some “interesting” constellations. Localization working in my local browser but not on the remote one. Working in Safari but not Chrome and vice-versa. It’s not a solution but might help in finding the root cause. In the session you are enforcing that the browser takes the defined localization, regardless of what you are doing later in your code. If that is already not working then we know more … perhaps you might be using a locale which is not installed etc … you get the idea …