Add image in label

How can I add images in label?

Labels are only for text. At most you can use some “icon” font glyphs as images.

If you need to add Pictures, consider using for example a Canvas or, if you need a combined Picture + Text, then consider adding a ContainerControl to the Project and layout such container with a Canvas and a Label. Then, add an instance of such container to the Window where you want to use it.

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Yeah, container-control with some properties and a Constructor method should do the trick, emulating whatever you want to achieve.

What about using DesktopImageWell ?

Or even only a plain Canvas subclass… where you can draw text + graphics + pictures and layout it as you want… :thinking:

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It is possible on the Mac, but it requires quite a bit of code to do, and is kinda fragile in that if the system font changes, the image becomes unaligned.

The best way is to either use a ImageWell with some declares or a plugin to control the frame, or to use a canvas and paint the picture.

you can also show own properties in the designer to select project images.
see cc context menu inspector behavior.