Add alternative Color Literal to Code Editor - What do you think?

Add alternative Color Literal Type to Code Editor: <>

In Xcode you can now insert color values in the code editor with another color literals. The user only has to click on the respective rectangle of the color, the color dialog opens and the color can be adjusted.

This would be a helpful additional alternative to define colors in the code and to deal with &c Values or Color.RGB values etc., because this way you can see immediately which color you have defined.

One possibility for the implementation would be to offer an option in the settings that visually represents colors in the code editor instead of the color literal &c.

Colors really need to be able to be set to a specific literal value, a named color (systemRed), or something like “default” which might mean the default color for this particular control (ie/ textcolor for a text area or text field) that also follows dark & light modes

Interesting thought though