Add additional activation to license?

Hi all,

I own professional and currently use it actively on a MacBookPro and a MacMini thereby eating up the two activations.

Is it possible to purchase an additional activation?

The jump from pro to pro+ is HUGE. IE more than double the price of pro. It seems logic to me that Xojo would offer the ability to add additional activations, maybe to some limit to a pro license.

Pro comes with 3 activations, so where is the problem?

And you can install xojo on more computers without license.


You can always (temporary) deautohorize one of the activated license via the Xojo website.
See menu Hi → Licenses → Manage
Bij authorize and deauthorize you can use it on multiple machines.
(I have an authorized MacBook Pro and an authorized Mac mini. I switch with the 3rd license in Windows (Parallels) that I have on both my Mac computers.)


Interesting… My license on Xojo only shows TWO spots for pro.

As far as de-auth/re-auth, the point is to NOT have to do that. I am willing to pay a small fee to have the extra license.

As Christian says, if I actually get three then I am set. If I am only getting two then I will put in a support request to fix that.

Are you talking about the Xojo license web page when you login to

If that is the case, it shows 2 because those are the machines logged in. If you use another machine it will show 3. I just did a test and that just happened, my Pro license reported 2, then run Xojo in another computer and now it shows 3.

Yes. So I will give it a shot. I may have just never tried more than two. Thanks!

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It’s certainly 3 for Pro, Desktop, Web, Mobile are 2: