Add a reminder in the window

I was not coding, and I had a chance: an idea comes to mind.

Usually, I wrote it at the downsie of my McDonald’s ticket, but for once, I wanted to put it in the Window (Window Editor).

All I found was… to write my text in … TextEdit (it was open), add a TextArea in the Canvas where the idea have to be implemented and paste that text in it (then enlarge it a bit to fully display my text).

When I will have time to implement it, I will have it in front of me.

BTW: my first idea was to copy (as image) my text and paste it in the said Canvas, but this is not allowed.

How do you deal with such problem ?

PS: due to my particular situation, I have to wrote my idea(s), fast -very fast - before I forget it; thus the use of a pen and paper (usually the back of a shop ticket or the back side of an enveloppe).
I can even make a Window art (UI), etc. and implement the idea later.

How about adding a note to the window or page instead of fiddling with the UI elements? It seems to me like a note is the best place to put memory joggers. It is built-in, does not require any special tricks. Most of all, you don’t run the risk of breaking your UI.

Hi Louis (I love that bid)

You are right, but I noticed that I do not read my own notes. I wrote them as a “long time reminder”, not as a to do list.
I also use a Note as a “previous code” before I greatly modify a method’s code.

Strange, but real.
(not as strange as making notes on everything…;-) )

Breaking my UI?
No, because the note will stay only for a while 'till I make the change; no compilation will be done with that changed UI. (or it will be my fault.)

I use the Pragma Warning to alert myself that there is stuff to do and if it is more than a little I refer to a note in that warning.

or do what I do sometimes

// TODO : fix the routine below

then just search for “// TODO” and have a nice “TO DO” list