AD users in windows server


I run standalone web application in IIS. It is in windows server that is connected to Active Directory.
Can I somehow recognise AD users in my webapp? And maybe authenticate and use SSO?
If someone can give me example or some pointers where to look for.



This is my ADLogin projecct for a desktop application and it should also work as a web application.

Dim strUser, strPassword, strServer, strQuery As String

strUser = ADUser
strPassword = ADPassword
dim LogonServer as string
LogonServer = ReplaceAll(system.EnvironmentVariable(“LOGONSERVER”), “”, “”)

Dim adoConnection, adoCommand,adoRecordset As OleObject

strQuery = “SELECT cn FROM 'LDAP://” + LogonServer + "’ WHERE ObjectClass=’*’ "

adoConnection = new OLEOBJECT(“ADODB.Connection”)
adoConnection.Provider = “ADsDSOOBJECT”
adoConnection.Properties(“User ID”) = strUser
adoConnection.Properties(“Password”) = strPassword
adoConnection.Properties(“Encrypt Password”) = false (“DS Query”, strUser, strPassword)

adoCommand = New OleObject(“ADODB.Command”)
adoCommand.ActiveConnection = adoConnection
adoCommand.CommandText = strQuery
adoCommand.Properties(“Size Limit”) = 1

adoRecordset = New OLEObject(“ADODB.Recordset”)

adoRecordset = adoCommand.Execute()
Catch ExecuteError As OLEException
// User did not manage to login
msgbox ExecuteError.message

adoConnection = Nil
adoCommand = Nil
adoRecordset = Nil

End Try

// User manage to login
msgbox (strUser+" manage to login on Active Directory Server: "+ LogonServer)

adoConnection = Nil
adoCommand = Nil
adoRecordset = Nil

exception err as oleexception
msgbox err.message

Thank You!

Works perfectly.

In the past, ADODB was only present on machines with Microsoft Office installed. Had that changed?

I think it comes with some .NET framework.

I’m tryin now to check if user belongs to AD group.
I changed this strQuery line to:
strQuery = “SELECT Name, Member FROM ‘LDAP://CN=myGroup,OU=myContainer,DC=Domain,DC=fi’”
…and i think it shoud list members of myGroup to adoRecordset.
But how do I check what’s inside this OLEObject ADODB.Recordset?

Ok, little further…
This gives proper list on users in myGroup:

strQuery = "SELECT sAMAccountName FROM 'LDAP://" + LogonServer + "' WHERE objectCategory = 'Person' and memberOf = 'CN=myGroup,OU=myContainer,DC=domain,DC=fi' "

…and this lists users, but first you have to remove line ‘adoCommand.Properties(“Size Limit”) = 1’ :slight_smile:

While Not adoRecordset.eof Listbox1.AddRow x = Listbox1.LastIndex Listbox1.Cell(x,0) = adoRecordset.Fields("sAMAccountName").Value adoRecordset.MoveNext Wend