Activex Problem

I need some help about activex control,
Plataform: Desktop Windows
I inserted ActivexControl on project , the name is: ActiveID.ActiveIDX
I have an Olecontainer on my window
I have a button, inside action event:
Olecontainer1.ProgramID = “Activeid.ActiveIDX”
IF Olecontainer1.create(false) then
End If
The controle appears on my WINDOW
Still on code
dim x as new ActiveID.ActiveIDX
x.startPreview(0) - this command start the activex, this activex is a camera ocx.
but on my Olecontainer nothing happens, i would like to know where is the
link between Olecontainer and my activex, how do i link ?
If i write the code: Olecontainer1.startPreview(0) the ide says: ( the item does not exist ), if my programID points to activex, this action
doesn’t assume the properties and methods of my activex ?
sorry by english, i am from brazil.
thanks for any help.
Mauricio Lima