Activex Embedding - Tutorial or Examples

I am really a complete noob with this and am battling. I have had some luck with the MS Webbrowser and the Adobe AcroRd under RB but my mind goes into a cloudy stupid state with others. The documentation seems very sparse and online searches reveal very little, or very little that is said to work, and a lot of it old.

  • There seem to have been some radical changes as to how this works moving from RB to Xojo. Pop a Webbrowser in Xojo and piles of methods and properties available in RB have gone awai. Is there somewhere one can read about this, how the interface has changed, what to do now?

  • Are there some tutorials or examples collected anywhere, hopefully for RB? Preferably NOT MS Office ones.

If I am just being an idiot at this, please be kind to an idiot - it is “Be kind to idiots” week.