ActiveRecord plus Report Designer plus BKeeney Shorts


I have an ActiveRecord based web app and I need a little guidance to seek the simplest way to printing orders and/or invoices.
I have been set up data objects with it’s relations. The user can see the master-detail in two listboxes and can add/modify/delete via contextual menus and modal dialogs. I want one more menuitem for print. I bought BKeeney Shorts and MBS DynaPDF Xojo Plugin.

If I design the report can I run on my data objects?
Do not need it’s own connect, filter, sql mechanism just eat my data objects.
Or simpler way the coding by hand traditionally?

Regards and thanks:

Hi Zsolt!

In the major Shorts 2.0 update we introduced the ability to run a report template made in the designer without using a Database connection. You can see this in action with the “Report Without Database” button in the demo app.

To use the designer and DataArrayBKS data-source, you would have to translate your ActiveRecord objects into a DataArrayBKS instance. Whether it is easier to take this approach, or create the report by hand but use the ActiveRecord objects directly depends on how complicated your finished report will need to look.

DataArrayBKS is designed to be easy to use. You append a dictionary containing the record data for each record. In the end it winds up being an array of dictionaries that the template parser handles like a RecordSet returned from a SQL query.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to email

Tim P.

Thank you I’ll try it.
BTW what is the PAF prefix in the name of folders and objects?

PAF is from the original developer that donated them to us. Rather than rename them with BKS we kept the original one. Where we’ve completely gutted and replaced classes we use our own prefix.

Unfortunately the question is no question because the report in designer don’t working at all.
In turn the query basic and working. I slice it from saved jason, after correcting the backslash escapes, run nice in my navicat for postgresql.

PS: BTW the Designer is awesome work! Thats a pity it does not work in my case :frowning:

Reach out to Bkeeney and let them know it doesn’t work. Maybe there is a bug they need to look at or maybe there is a code tweak to make it work. @Bob Keeney & Company are great people to work with.

Yes, I agree with you and I’m in conversation with Tim for debug.