ActiveRecord and Views

Hi @Bob Keeney… Sorry if I lost this information, but, It’s possible to use ActiveRecord with Views (Table views, of course…) ? If not, do you consider too complicated to include this feature?

It’s funny you bring this up because we added Views to ActiveRecord about a month ago because of a project we are working on that’s making heavy use of Views. It’s not public but if you want to participate in the testing and making sure that it meets requirements send me an email at and I can package it up for you.

ActiveRecord with Views is a bit different because it removes all of the save methods (and corresponding events), along with the primary key check. But it still retains the ‘check my class to make sure I have all the fields in the view’ when registering the view. It’s been very useful in our current project.

Unfortunately, no timeframe on when it will get publicly released or added to ARGen. The only answer I can give is ‘when I have time’. I have a couple of education commitments coming up this month that are sucking up free time and XDC is at the end of April.

I’m very happy in read this news… One more question. When you say that this version of AR have no more save methods, is related only to views ( I don’t expect save changes on views…), or to tables too ?

I want to participate, because AR is very useful, but my project use a lot of listbox that read information from many tables… I will send a email…

Thank you!

Just views. The rest of AR is unchanged (other than adding some view handling).

Great! Thank you Bob. I just send that email…