Active license key not accepted by Xojo

I own two iMacs, a main and a backup. I used Xojo on the main iMac, but not on the backup.

My main iMac had its hard drive fail, so while it was being repaired I installed Xojo on the backup with my active license, which allows installation on two computers.

When my main iMac returned from the shop with a new Hard Drive, I installed Xojo and signed in on the running Xojo application. But no license key was shown, and I could not build an application.

Even when I signed out on Xojo on my backup iMac, I could not get my active license key to fully activate Xojo on my main iMac.

How can I get my license key to get Xojo to fully work on my main iMac?


Logon to your account at and select Licenses.

There you should be able to deselect your backup iMac.

Thanks Jim, that worked.