Activate GraffitiSuit ???

So having signed up to the omegabundle bundle, I get an email telling me that my GraffitiSuite subscription is active, but not a hint of the account details to sign in… And the support tracker needs a login! I tried a reset by guessing the user ID and the email address, but it fails… any hint as to how this is supposed to work?

Why not contact the GraffitiSuite Support? It was always very helpful in my cases. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, only as I said the support tracker requires a sign in… I fired of a general question on their site so let’s see… I can’t be the first one they have sold this to… or am I???

Off topic a little…this is one my pet peeves. ‘do not reply’ emails , and a support site that demands you sign in. but if you dont know how to sign in, theres no way to get in touch. Currently having the same trouble with a web provider

Have you tried the online documentation?
GraffitiSuite doen’t require a license code.
You get the source code and can copy the Web Edition from the demo project into your own project.

GraffitiSuite Web Edition - Getting Started

Oops, misread the original post.
You can use the Contact form to contact Anthony.
He usually reacts very quick.

Anthony has been in contact. Seems that I had an old account, long forgotten that then sub was hooked to. Problem solved. Thanks.