Activate a Canvas on a ListBox

I am trying to activate an independent Canvas placed on a ListBox.
I have a Lisbox, I’m dragging and dropping a Canvas in the center of the ListBox.
I have to do some operations on the Canvas but when I click on it, it disappears, showing only the Listbox.
I tried with ListBox.Enabled = False but then this whole area is inactive.
Do you have any idea how to render the Canvas activated and the ListBox disabled?

Are you talking about at design-time (in the IDE), or at run-time (when you run your project)?

Yes, that’s it.

Well, which is it?

When I run the project sorry, if not I do not see the interest of my question.

You sound like Emile. Please try your reply in French or translate with Deepl/Google Translate.

Try creating an example and uploading it to iCloud or DropBox and sharing the link here. It may help others understand what you are trying to accomplish.