Actions for row doesn't work

I like to add ActionsForRow to a iOSTable. So I added the event to the Table and copied the code below from the example TableActions in this event.

Dim Actions(1) As iOSTableRowAction
  Const kFlagTag As Text = "Flag"
  Const kArchiveTag As Text = "Archive"
  // Create the Flag button
  Actions(0) = New iOSTableRowAction(iOSTableRowAction.Styles.Normal, "Flag", kFlagTag)
  // Create the Archive button
  Actions(1) = New iOSTableRowAction(iOSTableRowAction.Styles.Destructive, "Archive", kArchiveTag)
  Return Actions

This should work, or am I missing something?

You have to implement the rowAction event and your datasource must implement the iOSTableDataSourceEditing interface

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Thank you Antonio. It finally works.