action on labels and canvas please

Hi there i would like to ask a question to this person
please if you read my message Sir reply to me

robin lauryssen mitchell

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please reply back i need to ask one question how did you add action on labels
as you said i can do it by my own
could you teach me how to do it


Action events on buttons do not fire if the mouse is released outside of the button, keep that in mind as you read the documentation for the events below:

Do not rely on your user being able to determine a label as clickable. There’s a reason labels don’t have an Action event.

on VB studio and Delphi labels can be use as buttons
why on XOJO can be used

Pictures and labels are controls and both can be used with action
similar to VB Studio microsoft use

to use as links and pictures

so you guys has any buttons to be invisible and showing the text only
and buttons with image as well

Simply use the MouseUp/Down events. If you want the action to be on the MouseUp event return true on the MouseDown event. Then in MouseUp do whatever you want for the ‘action’.

it is working

thanks a a lot