Action Notification Receivers

Could someone explain the use of or how to implement action notification receivers properly or have any examples that I could look at. The only documentation that I could find is in the classic docs and its not very detailed.

There’s really not much to it

ActionSources (which are only Timers, BevelButtons and PushButtons) can have many ActionNotificationReceivers.
That way when you push a button or the timers action event runs ALL the ActionNotificationReceivers will run their PerformAction method - and they do this BEFORE the buttons or Timers action event is run.
You can add & remove receivers on the fly to the ActionSources.

Why would you do this ?
Well say you have a UI where you add & remove elements on the fly & want to update all of them when a button is pushed
When you add a new UI element on the fly you can have its performAction event called simply by adding it as an action receiver to the timer/buttons list of things to notify
And when that UI element is removed (again dynamically) you can unhook it as a notification receiver so it wont get notifications

There are other ways to use this as well

Thank you Norman, I appreciate it.