Can anyone recommend a nice app/service for managing expenses/book-keeping for a small business/indie developer? Just curious what people here use. I’m a Mac/iPhone user.


I really like Quickbooks Online. It does a LOT!

I’ve been using FreshBooks ( ) for several years, and I really like it’s simplicity.

However, just this week I learned from our accountant that we’re close to outgrowing FreshBooks. It’s a good problem to have, I suppose. So we’re switching to Xero ( ). I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, and I’m looking forward to making the switch.

Another one that might be work looking at is Less Accounting ( ).

Xero are pretty good. Great customer support too!

TL;DR: I use

On the SaaS front I’ve tried Less Accounting, Freshbooks and Xero.

Less Accounting didn’t last long for me as I needed multi-currency, at the time they didn’t have that, no idea whether they do now. I enjoyed using it for the brief time I tried it though.

Then I used Freshbooks for a while, it was good but something made me look elsewhere, I can’t remember what exactly.

I ended up looking at Xero and haven’t looked back. I’ve been using it for 4 or 5 years now, very happy with it, just works, and integrates well with my bank/paypal/stripe accounts, I submit my VAT returns through it (more like VAT refunds these days, yay!), and recently I started paying for it through my accountant which means I get a very small discount (but they get better visibility in Xero’s list of partner accountants etc).

Xero looks like a clear winner. That’s in line with what other reviews have said. Thanks.

We wrote our own bookkeeping application. Cannot be compared with those shiny names, however we are in total control. We do not complain about missing features or support, we just do it ourselves. When we need something, we just add it. Lot of work but it pays of in the end. By the way, I do like bookkeeping very much.

@Chris Verberne: Do you sell your app or do you keep it for internal use?

IMHO best way to learn xojo …
and I have a particular “hate” for cloud apps with no control on your datas you’re paying for …

The bookkeeping application is written for our own use. When having a good understanding of bookkeeping, it can perfectly be done in Xojo.

It is indeed a good way to learn Xojo. I store the data in an SQLite database, but every table is also backed up to a text file, just to be safe. A record which is changed also gets backed up. I only have to manually copy the user directory to another backup disk.

Using cloudspace is a very good solution, however in this case, I rather prefer the data to be local.

Xero also has a very good API.

I use Manager. Free, double entry, seems competent. Multiple businesses, multiple currencies.

There is also Wave Accounting . I haven’t used it but it is free and looks promising.

I use Moneydance. It is made for personal finance instead of business. I find it faster than Quickbooks and it is much less expensive. They also update it more frequently. I am also posting because I have not seen some names before

I use Kashflow
I think it might be bent towards UK businesses, but it’s pretty good.
Nice API for automation and good support.

Was initially put off by the “K” but I’m glad I looked deeper.

(psst - if you do go there, would you mind using this link? I get a bit and you get it slightly cheaper : Kashflow Link 2)