Accessing XOJO SQLLITE databases with other tools

Having trouble connecting to an existing SQLLITE db in external tools. I am trying to create an ODBC connection to an SQLLITE database created in XOJO.
I am getting and error in LIBRE “File is encrypted or is not a database”
What am I doing wrong

I am using the following ODBC driver

Is it really ok and not encrypted? Can you open it with an external tool like this?

Yes I can

Then you need to contact the ODBC vendor asking for an update. :wink:

It was a freedownload :slight_smile:

I need an ODBC that works

I was going insane with that yesterday as well with an iOS Project using SQLite Professional.

I think it may have been due to the db file being locked. So now, I’m being super careful to quit it before launching the project.

You might want to give our Valentina Studio a shot. The free version works with a lot of different databases, including SQL ite.

If you use an encrypted database then you have to use a tool that uses the SAME encryption mechanism as part of it’s engine.

There are several for SQLite and they are not cross compatible.

It also happens when you try to open a v3 content with a v2 engine. Not sure if vice-versa.

I have not encountered issues with V3 opening a V2 db but have had the other problem

I would like to be able to access it with Crystal Reports via ODBC