Accessing objects in a canvas control

Is it possible to access and change the properties of objects created at runtime in a canvas control, like making them visible or changing their color. I’m drawing structures in a canvas control and want to access them to hide and unhide them during the running of my program. Also can those objects be made to respond to mouse clicks? I love to allow users to click on a structure to display a popup window do describe more about each structure.

Create a new project and select “Examples/ObjectsInCanvas”

The built-in canvas does not provide this functionality. You pretty much have to handle it yourself or use a class that handles it.

One thing to consider when using the ObjectsInCanvas example to learn about it is that it doesn’t support vector graphics. If you want to support things like rotation in your app then using Object2D classes is probably the best approach but if you just need something more simple then you can just stick to the same technique as the ObjectsInCanvas example.

Just something that I should have took note of for my project.

Thanks for the feedback guys!