Accessing Excel Alternatives

I’m thinking of moving my Excel files to something like LibreOffice but before I do I need to know if I can access them through Xojo. Currently I use the ExcelApplication plugin but don’t know if it will work with LibreOffice. I don’t mind if I have to keep the xls or xlsx file types.

Has anyone had experience with accessing spreadsheets through LibreOffice (or other possible alternatives)?

xlsx files are only zipped files. you get a folder with xml files inside
it’s quite easy to read them with some appropriate methods.
you don’t need any plugin to do that.

I’m currently working on an iOS app that uses AirTable, a free on-line spreadsheet-like relational database with an excellent API. Works great.

But it sounds like you’re working with local files so this might not be appropriate for you.

I have tried to access LibreOffice on many occasions with Xojo and have been unsuccessful. If anyone can make a ‘hello world’ program then I can do more work on the programming side.

Looks like it would HAVE to be a plugin
There are some C++ samples but you need the libre office sdk & apis to compile them
See the “.cxx” examples on LibreOffice 7.4 SDK - Developer's Guide Examples

You can easily use a plugin from Einhuger or MBS to generate a spreadsheet file which can be opened by for example Libre Office Calc. I had the same as Eugene, interacting with Libre Office seems to be a difficult story, especially for RAD coders.

Here on the forum there is some info:

and a VB explanation you can see here:

All in all i did find it too much work to implement and then i decided for excel files to use odbc, but that’s a long time ago.

Please check MBS Xojo XL Plugin as it can help you edit Excel files in old and new formats with a lot of options.